System Requirements

You need Linux or Cygwin (Notice: On Cygwin pathes may not exceed 260 characters). Other plattforms may work too. We didn't try.

You need rsync. I know rabak doesn't work before version 2.6.4. Maybe even a newer one is required. The newer the better.

You need Perl, I don't know which version. Probably >= 5.8

You need the Mail::Send, Getopt::Long(>= 2.36), and IPC::Run perl modules. Fetch it from CPAN:

cpan -i Mail::Send (or cpan -i MailTools)
cpan -i IPC::Run
cpan -i Getopt::Long

To use dupemerge, you will need the Digest::SHA and DBD::SQLite perl modules. To install it do:

cpan -i Digest::SHA
cpan -i DBD::SQLite