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Love PuTTY? Work a lot of time with it? Going nuts while spending ages searching for the right window? Here's a free solution for you!

This is what the PuttyTabs does:

This is what is looks like:

Get PuttyTabs Version (4. Juli 2007):
New in this Version from Robin Burchell (Thanks Robin!):
* Bug fix: No complaint if putty.exe is not configured
* Click on Tab minimizes active PuTTY-Window

The new version has a number of bugs. Please use this one for now:
Sorry for the inconvenience...

Please remember to configure PuttyTabs and tell it where yout putty.exe is.

Download Executable (~20kB, .NET 2.0 required)

Download Executable and Sources (Visual C# 2005 Express, ~230kB)

View the Licence

Enjoy it! Use it! Modify it! (And if you like it, tell me!)

Paul Bukhovko made a Belorussian translation of this page. I don't understand a word of it, but I'm sure this will be useful to many people. Thanks, Paul!

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Thanks to Simon Tatham for giving PuTTY to the world!

Old Versions:

New in this Version:
* Running PuTTY processes are imported when PuttyTabs is launched
* PuttyTabs is (at last) hidden from the TaskSwitcher
Download Executable or Executable and Sources
New in this Version:
* You can add a tag to sessions. This helps if have multiple sessions for one server
Download Executable or Executable and Sources
PuttyTabs-0.60427 (Initial Version):