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14. April 2009

New! Raxref - Simple, lightweight and fast Cross Referencing

I'ts time to announce Raxref, a tool that takes the source files of a project and builds a JavaScript application containing:

See the README for more information...

Check out a real world example: The sources for Parrot, fully cross referenced (please be patient on first load, Raxref fetches a 2MB data file).

Open Source and Artistic licenced.

5. January 2007

Rabak - a new backup tool based on rsync

Tape is old school. Use hard disks for your backup. Rabak is fast, reliable and a smart solution.

Update 14. April. 2009: Rabak is now in it's third year of development and getting better and better. It features Remote-to-remote backup, automatic duplicate files detection, extremly flexible configuration abilities and more. We're now working on a Web Interface to simplify monitoring.

Rabak is now hosted on GitHub.

Open Source and Artistic licenced.

20. June 2006

Tabs for PuTTY

This free software brings to you the most desired missing feature of PuTTY: Tabs!

Open Source and MIT licenced.


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Alter Kram

Der erste Versuch mit der Digicam (Fuji MX 2900):

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